11 Realities of Losing Weight

Ok, it’s not just baby bulge. But I like that when I say that I need to seriously lose weight, others say “You just had a baby, don’t be worrying about it”. I had my daughter over a year ago now but when people say that my brain thinks that they are right and then I go and buy another of chocolate because I deserve it. Go me, having a baby. I don’t need to lose weight yet!! Wait until she moves out.


I have been overweight for a long time. I used to be thin and superfit when I was 18/19 but then it all started piling on because I stopped exercising, and starting drinking, and eating… a lot. I am not huge, but I need to lose 2.5 stone at least. So as per my previous post I have been training for a 5K. My God it’s so hard but I am going out every second or third night and doing the program. Previously I didn’t stick to it for this long and right now I am half way into the program. So at least that’s something. My food hasn’t changed, until yesterday.

I’ve done the Slimming World thing and lost 2 stone with it before I had my daughter and my God, yes it works. However, I don’t have the cash to pay every week right now, or the time to be honest. I know that there are meetings every day but right now my life is so hectic with work, 3 kids and their activities that fitting it in right now doesn’t work for me. I was hoping the exercise alone would help. But here’s a fun fact Continue reading


The Reality of Getting Fit, Mammy…

So I’ve had my 3 kids, I’ve contributed to society and the human race. Now it’s time for me to shine. I will be a super fit Mammy, running marathons while cleaning the house and feeding the baby. I will have perfectly groomed hair and immaculate eyebrows that rival Kim Kardashian. I will be the envy of every other mother that I know and they will look up to me with awe and the green eyed monster will be in their midst.

What a load of sh*t. So here’s the reality.

When I was a teen, I played Camogie. For anyone outside of Ireland, Camogie is the female equivalent of Hurling. Hurling is like hockey and rugby mixed together. Rugby is like American Football without the padding and helmets. Ok, I probably have any non-Irish followers completely confused! Just Google “Irish Hurling Videos” and you will get an idea. Sorry Irish folk, I have some readers from all around the world. Continue reading