Let’s have a girls’ night away

Girls NightHere’s the situation. You meet up with some girlfriends over a coffee for like 20 minutes out of your hectic schedule. Some of them have kids and some of them don’t. It’s great to have a bit of chat and a coffee in peace without someone shouting “Mammy, Mammy” or a husband asking where some random item of clothing is that he had 3 months ago. It’s pure bliss getting out to a cafe with the girls.

You know the drill, you’re laughing, you’re reminiscing, you’re trying not to talk about the kids but somehow they get in there. And then someone mentions (probably the childless person), “Hey, we should all go for a night away sometime”. The comment is met with enthusiasm. “Fantastic idea”

“Oh it would be great to stay in a hotel and not have to worry about getting up!”

“That’s brilliant, we will so do that”

Then the person with the idea says, “Great, I’ll look into hotels and stuff and see where we can get a good deal!” Also met with enthusiasm.

So a few days later with your coffee break well in the past and you are up to ninety, said friend texts to ask about booking somewhere for our night away. She is met with cyber silence from everyone.

“Did she actually mean that? What about the kids? I have to save for like 5 months for a night away….”

Cue panic from the mothers (namely me) who really could think of other ways to spend €150. The kids uniforms, we need to paint the hall, the car window needs to be fixed….

Do you know what? STOP.

Go on the night away. Say yes. If you have a group of friends, it will probably take a while to organise anyway. Get somewhere cheap, share a house, rent an apartment cheap. You need to get away from it all sometimes, away from the husband too. It’s nice to have a giggle with your girlfriends and it’s certainly ok to do it. You need to do it for your sanity. The kids will survive if you leave them for a night. You will always have better things to spend your money on but those things on that list will just keep mounting up so treat yourself and your mental health now and enjoy your life!

Well, maybe just this once… You can always have another night in 10 years. Yay.



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