Having a break from the kids. Intention vs Reality

It was a weekend of arguments with my husband over household duties not being done. It was a weekend of me being a walking grumpy cow to everyone as well. It was a weekend of the house looking like a tornado hit it, a mountain of clothes and toys and dirt on the floor.

I think that my husband suspected that I was about to blow up. I was snapping at the children as well, probably to make him realise even more that I needed a break. I wasn’t dressed at 11am on a Sunday. I was sweating it out in my dressing gown. My husband mentioned that he wanted to go to see his grandparents and I jumped at the chance.

“Sure bring the kids and I’ll stay here and sort through the clothes”. Which in reality means. “Get the kids and yourself out of my face so I can have a nap, then watch Netflix and eat like a pig”. Seriously.

So, he got the kids out of the house while I was still in my pyjamas. Here’s a breakdown of my rather unproductive day.

  1. Lay on the bed and attempted to go to sleep. I snuggled down into bliss.
  2. Jolted awake when I realised that my phone was on silent and there was a text from my husband asking for feeding times for the baby which I replied to. Phone turned to loud and back to sleep.
  3. Text from husband about the baby not falling asleep on the journey
  4. Text from husband about the baby not eating her lunch and what to give her.
  5. Fell asleep
  6. Woke 20 minutes later with a pain in my neck
  7. Lay there thinking about the clothes scattered around the place and broke down the tasks I needed to complete in my head. Clothes, clean kitchen, go for a run. Eat.
  8. Made pasta, a lot of pasta – lots of sauce too. Sat and started the Good Wife on Netflix. Oops
  9. Jumped up and decided to get my run in (2 hours later). Went for a short 2K run, exhausted.
  10. Quickly ran upstairs and shifted clothes from one room to another in an attempt to look like I did something.
  11. Put away dishes and put on a wash and swept floor. Aces for me!
  12. Watched more Netflix
  13. Kids home

I need more days like that I think!! And he’s none the wiser…..


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