11 Realities of Losing Weight

Ok, it’s not just baby bulge. But I like that when I say that I need to seriously lose weight, others say “You just had a baby, don’t be worrying about it”. I had my daughter over a year ago now but when people say that my brain thinks that they are right and then I go and buy another of chocolate because I deserve it. Go me, having a baby. I don’t need to lose weight yet!! Wait until she moves out.


I have been overweight for a long time. I used to be thin and superfit when I was 18/19 but then it all started piling on because I stopped exercising, and starting drinking, and eating… a lot. I am not huge, but I need to lose 2.5 stone at least. So as per my previous post I have been training for a 5K. My God it’s so hard but I am going out every second or third night and doing the program. Previously I didn’t stick to it for this long and right now I am half way into the program. So at least that’s something. My food hasn’t changed, until yesterday.

I’ve done the Slimming World thing and lost 2 stone with it before I had my daughter and my God, yes it works. However, I don’t have the cash to pay every week right now, or the time to be honest. I know that there are meetings every day but right now my life is so hectic with work, 3 kids and their activities that fitting it in right now doesn’t work for me. I was hoping the exercise alone would help. But here’s a fun fact

*This may not actually be a fact, this is fact in my brain, with my knowledge.

So here we go on the diet train again. I eat dinners in work but I also eat chocolate in work. I don’t eat breakfast, I stop and get some sausage rolls on the way in so that’s knocked in the head. I have Weetabix in work so I will have that as well. I just want to eat everything in moderation and drink a gallon of water every day (please don’t drink a gallon of water).

Do you think you are overweight or unhealthy? Well here’s the harsh reality of it all.

  1. It’s not okay to be overweight. This rubbish of “Love your Curves” gets to me. If the person promoting that is in fact a healthy weight then, fine, who doesn’t love a curvy girl. But you have girls out there that are promoting this idea that being overweight or obese is ok. It’s not ok. It’s just as bad as saying that being underweight is ok. Being overweight, obese or morbidly obese is damaging your organs, your heart and reducing your life span. It’s not okay. If you are happy with it not being ok, fine but don’t preach to others that it’s ok to be overweight.
  2. You can lose weight. Unless you have an underlying medical condition or your GP says that you can’t/shouldn’t lose weight for medical reasons, then you can lose weight. Everyone can lose weight. You need to seriously look at what you are eating and how active you are. Do not say you can’t lose weight. I bet if you stuck to it you can. I lost 2 stone before, I know I can.
  3. It will get harder, don’t put it off. If you say, I’ll lose weight after Christmas or after Easter or when I get back from that holiday, you’re talking crap. You are just coming up with excuses for yourself. If you really wanted to lose weight, then you would do it now. As you get older, it will become increasingly more difficult to lose weight, especially if you are a woman. Yay, women rule… hmm.
  4. It’s one of the hardest things you will ever do. Anyone that tells you that losing weight is easy is lying. Losing weight is hard. The concept is simple, eat healthy, cut the crap but doing that in reality is very difficult. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. I promise.
  5. Exercise. There are tonnes of programmes and weight loss systems out there that say that you don’t need to exercise. It’s rubbish. Exercise is the key to maintaining your weight loss for life. You will get addicted to it, especially something like running. Walking will not help. It’s great to get out walking but in my experience it won’t give you results unless you are going for an hour or more and at a serious pace.
  6. Treat yourself. That’s right. I am all one for having a treat. This is not chocolate every day or a bag of crisps for getting through a day with eating well. It’s the odd meal once a week that you love and that probably would be high in calories. It’s also knowing that you do not go overboard. If you are good most of the time, then eating out or having the odd bottle of wine is not going to make you go backwards on the scale. However, if you do without, you will get better results. Understand the consequences.
  7. No fad diets. Losing weight should not be a diet. It should be a lifestyle change. People associate a diet with having a beginning and an end. If you want sustainable weight loss, that will not happen with your diets that basically put your body into starvation mode! Same with shake diets and the like. They just won’t work long term. Quick fix, yes but try to sustain that and you are probably doing more damage to your body than being overweight in the first place
  8. Educate yourself. Understand nutrition, sugars, how your body loses weight and how you should eat to lose it.
  9. Make it a family affair. If you are eating healthy, your family should follow suit. Don’t be buying rubbish to put in the press. If it’s not there, they won’t miss it. Generally, you wouldn’t give crap to your children anyway so I find that the husband/partner is usually the junkie culprit. Buy stuff that you don’t like for him/her to eat or don’t buy it at all. Especially if he/she needs to lose weight too!!! Ssh!!
  10. Support – you need support and understanding. If you are doing a good job and you have a takeaway you don’t need someone telling you not to eat it. What you need is someone to step in if you’ve had a few takeaways. You need the harsh truth and you need help and encouragement when it gets tough.
  11. LOSE IT FOR YOURSELF. Do not lose weight for anyone else. Imagine what you could look like and how well clothes will fit you if you lose weight. Imagine the boost in your confidence and treat yourself with a shopping spree when you get to target. This is about you, time to get selfish.

I promise you, we can do this. I am doing this and I don’t want to be hitting 40 and still overweight. Run, eat well, live forever.

Take Care

Reality Mammy xxx


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