The SleepWorking Mama vs Teething Baby

“I’m not asleep, but that doesn’t mean I’m awake” – Author Unknown


To all the mothers out there (and fathers) who were up a hell of a lot last night,  I salute you. I am in your corner. I am sleepwalking and daydreaming. Excuse any spelling errors on this post, I know not what I do.

Whether you go to a job every day or whether you are a stay at home mother, the struggle is the same when it comes to sleep deprivation. Yes, I admit it would have been a lot easier this morning if I didn’t have to get dressed and look a little presentable but I also couldn’t imagine being at home with 3 kids today in the exhausted state that I am in. However, I do have to sit at a computer all day in work. My eyes are not functioning like they should be and everything feels so bright! Like really bright! The screen here on my blog when I am editing is insanely white, anyone know if I can change it to sepia or something to shield my eyes from its unforgiving glare?

Why No Sleep?

Baby. It was the baby. She’s still cutting her top teeth and she was awake on and off through the night. Rather she cried a little on and off during her sleep which woke me. I went to bed around 11pm and she woke shortly after. She didn’t really settle until 12:30am. My bed never felt so good. I sank into it, it felt like heaven and all nice and warm from my husband going to bed earlier (he usually stays up). I think I got 4 hours sleep, saying “No Sleep” is probably a bit of an exaggeration. When I say no sleep, it basically means that I had a bad night with a lot of broken sleep. Take it with a pinch of salt. All I know is that I’m bloody shattered. She woke until around 5am and then she went back to sleep and woke again at 5:45am. I brought her into my bed and then got up at 6:30am. I was like the Mombie from hell stalking around the kitchen in my dressing gown. She wouldn’t stop crying and she was so so clingy. I was trying to tidy up a bit and every time I moved, she was like a magnet hugging my leg.

The Teething Fairy

This is not an exaggeration. She has been “teething” forever. When she cut her bottom teeth, she was moody for a while, she got a runny nose, she had a couple of bad nights but then they both cut within a few days of each other. She was 7 months I think, at the time. She has been teething since. I’m serious. 4 months of trying to cut her top teeth and it’s not happening.

I feel like when someone asks me why she didn’t sleep and I say “teeth”, they think she must have cut like 50 teeth at this stage. A follower on Facebook has mentioned to try Dentinox Teething Toothpaste. I never heard of it so I’m going to give that a try. I give her Calpol before bed or Nurofen if I think she’s in a bad way. I was using Teetha granules but I’m out of them now and getting to the chemist is a bloody nightmare for me during the week. I don’t really like giving her medicines too much to be honest but needs, must and all that.

So the teething fairy is here to stay it would seem. The b*tch has made a nice home inside my baby’s cot to keep working to try to get those teeth to cut so they will eventually fall out and she can make her fort the greedy cow. If God really did create us, why the hell did he think it was a good idea for babies to go through agony to get these teeth only for them to all fall out 6 years later and then bloody allow new ones to grow in? How is that even sensible? Seriously, he really didn’t think there did he? I’ll have a strong word with him when my time comes. If I remember.

Something made me think though about all this in the last few weeks.  She couldn’t be teething for this long surely? Maybe I’m missing something.

Teething is a Myth

Moms and dads blame teething for their infants’ sleeplessness, crying, fevers, and diarrhea. They’re missing the real cause. –

Take a look at the above article. I admit, it makes for interesting reading. However, I don’t entirely agree with this article. I’ve read many other interesting articles on the Internet about how teeth can move in babies’ gums, causing pain before they even begin to cut their teeth. The above quote and subsequent content in her article could be pretty soul destroying for a sleep deprived parent.

I said above that she has been “teething” for 4 months. It’s at this point that I am going to see a doctor, next Wednesday to see if there is something else causing her pain. Recently, we noticed that she may have lip tie. I was pretty angry over this because she was very difficult with feeding at the start and she had reflux etc which can happen if a baby has lip tie. It’s something I never knew existed. We will see if that could potentially be causing her pain as well, we are not sure at this point. Lip tie is when the “string” of tissue that connects the top lip to the gum is down too low. It can be related to tongue tie as well. I got her checked for tongue tie when she was born due to my extremely painful nipples and the fact that her lip wasn’t turning out correctly. I never asked about lip tie at the time. Doctors/Nurses didn’t check either. I won’t get too agitated about it, we will see what the GP says next week. More about tongue and lip tie here

When to take action

If you think that your baby is teething longer than a couple of weeks, I would go to doctor. My little girl just seems to be getting more difficult lately and everyone is saying “teeth, teeth, teeth”. It just couldn’t be at this stage, in my opinion. My husband’s cousin had to get her gums slit because hers wouldn’t cut through. I am not trying to scare anyone but if you are really battling with sleep from teething or any other reason, see someone about it. It affects everything. God knows it as definitely affected my mental health, my mood, my marriage. You have your free GP care for your baby, they won’t mind you going along to ask for advice. Don’t feel like you should just be “riding this out”. Ask for help.

In the meantime….


Drink up Mamas…

Reality Mammy x




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